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Friday, April 15, 2011

Portabello Mushroom Veggie Burger

Today my friend and I went to Oceanside to take a day off from wracking our brains thinking about business building. We both love "vintaging" so headed straight for Sparkle Plenty

After much fun piling on the upscale resale findings and walking out with way too many of them (me) we headed off to Potpourri Thrift and Resale near the beach and proceeded to (me) load up again.

(I'm on vacation, you are allowed to be frivolous while on vacation!?)

Feeling way too accomplished and having more fun than I think is legal, we made our way to Ruby's on the pier at the beach. It was 1/3 mile walk up the planks of the boardwalk (so said the waiter suggesting we should feel free to eat, we'd walk it off) and I always have visions of throwing myself off the side just for fun (I think it is a natural feeling alive tendency because I'm sure you would really appreciate being alive most of the way down). Loey said she has entertained the same ideas. It's just a weird thing.

All the while walking I was taking pictures so I could remember California beach life. I have been away from the coast for eight years and forgot how much I love to see the other side of the world on the horizon and the sensation of being an island. We started getting silly as two old high school chums would, taking pictures of our feet, and hands and shadows. We finally decided we must take one of our faces for posterity...we would surely regret it if we didn't; but I tell you, I can see our whole history in our shadows, feet and hands.

We both stuffed ourselves and enjoyed the charming service at Ruby's. I had a Portabello Mushroom Veggie Burger. We watched a one-legged seagull shred and then gulp down someone's confiscated bate and laughed with the lady at the other table about the abilities the gull had mastered with his one leg. (he was as steady as a rock). A cute little blond-haired girl with red sunglasses charmed her family at the table behind us and we all enjoyed watching her behave like a star. All too soon it was time to head home for responsibilities. 

We brought our treasures home and took up the tasks of typing and watering plants, feeding dogs, picking up a kido from school....
Full of ideas for my plans once home in AZ again, (ziggidy, zig), I started researching how to build your own shed, (I'll explain later). I suddenly remembered that I want to do everything green and typed in how to build a green shed. The video below was linked to a group of people who are Living In The Future, building in a permaculture model, conscious of earth and resources. They battled and won a permit issue all because the man decided to build it first so the city could see what he meant. That's what I'm talkin' it first, then ask questions!
I think it will be worth your time to play it. It says a lot in a very little time about how and why we got to the point of living against nature.  

Once again, I thought I had a novel idea to take a picture of the wood planks while walking but when I searched images of oceanside, ca, pier, up comes the shadow of a man on the same planks. 
Once again, I say, there is nothing new under the sun. 

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