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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The grass is greener over the rainbow? Yes the grass may be greener, but the cost to water it is significantly higher than maintaining rocks. If you happen to be lucky enough to reside where rain is aplenty, the next hurdle is how to deal with the bogs in the yard; whether or not to get a goat or a lawn mower or just lay bricks and boards and let the grass grow, permaculture gardening?
There in lies the trick, not to get bogged down in the decision making. Getting blogged down might be a better way to go.
I am still over the rainbow, in a land that is beautiful, lush and green. Where I am staying, there is plenty of water, and there are lots of pavers and boards traipsing through the soon to be overgrown grass wherever one would walk, keeping one from getting bogged down in the overly saturated ground.
I have had the pleasure of staying in a very well built little shed that is perched up on risers. When both of the side windows are open, a cool, close-to-the-ocean air breezes in. My friend, whom I came to visit to see if we could be partners in a business is often traipsing about the pavers and boards putting together her beautiful NouveauWreaths or doing one of the many chores involved in propagating the plantings, watering the ones that are rooting, or off to various gardens and nurseries to cultivate new resources.
We have been all over town looking for buildings. We keep thinking we have found just the right one. We get excited and start trying to figure the next move. 
When all is said and done and we get over thinking we are arguing, we realize we kind of like our own existing little no-overhead operations. Maybe the grass is yellow once we take off our rose colored glasses. 
I have to say though that nothing is ever wasted on me. I have learned a lot from this expedition. A lot of what I have learned is that I already have what I need right in my own back yard. It's always good to get back home. 
It's not to say that she and I might still start a business together, somewhere down the line; but I think we have both concluded that the risk is too great to jump from this high, yet. We each have work to do to get to a point of safe jumping.
The population is well over 100K here. My little town boasts 8K including winter visitors. Today I corresponded with a mentor of sorts. She told me that she made her very successful business work from a very little town in Oregon that still shows only just a little over 700 population. She recommended that I find a good web builder and a great photographer and get on with it from where I am. 
I have decided that I am going to become a good web builder and a great photographer until I have more $$$ in my pockets.
My next great hurdle is to figure out how to get home once I drop off the rental car...
When I left Hertz in Gilbert, AZ with my nice shiny white Toyota Camry, my friend was behind me in my car, driving very slowly. I finally lost sight of her and thought for a minute that she had decided to take a different route home. I started to drive on and catch her at home. I decided better, went back and found her stranded in the middle of the main road with my little doggy in tow. Some nice man who was doing construction near her had already started pushing her back into a little nook cut out of the road for such a thing as that. He had raced across the busy road to assist her. She sat in the car, unable to get out because the handle only works if you roll the window down and reach out. She had forgotten her cell phone so couldn't call me in distress. 
It was a good thing I turned around. 

Now I have found out that the car is dead, only good for scrap. But there is still a silver lining, some green grass on the horizon, somewhere over the rainbow. My friend didn't get hurt, my little doggy survived, I had my wonderful trip, I am armed with new ideas and I am blessed with good fortune. I could have been on the freeway when that car collapsed. I almost forfeited the rental because I had gotten my own car loaded so nicely. Boy. What a miracle GOD performed, breaking us down right there where there was a nook, a helpful man and a way to remedy the situation. 

Thank you GOD.



  1. i love how you write & share life, sarah! thank you.

  2. thank you iamSam. I hope you listened to Eva's beautiful rendition of "Over the Rainbow". She died early and became famous after.